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Fong Chua is easily one of the highest integrity people I know. Fong and his wife Jessica are an incredible team. They are consistently marching forward to better themselves and the relationships they have with others. An avid and quick learner, great communicator and a wonderful friend, Fong is an asset to all he comes into contact with. When it comes to Real Estate acquisitions and management the win-win requirements of every venture and the “action taker” style that AREA operates with is truly incredible. How they create a WOW experience with partners and the tenants that they bring on board is beyond the next level. If you haven’t had the pleasure to meet and work with Fong yet make sure to get introduced, he’s someone you want to have in your inner circle!

Richard Canfield

Fong, it was an amazing time spent with you. Wow, you are fantastic and I love your ability to make ideas sparkle in my brain. Only 2 minutes talking with you unlock our potential. Imagine what happens after spending an hour. So excited that we will be working together.

Richard Lefevre


Who is Fong Chua?

Fong Chua is an entrepreneur, business strategist, real estate investor, speaker, and best-selling author. He has successfully unlocked many of his client’s potentials. Demonstrating how they can achieve more than they have ever thought possible. He has been able to inspire and bring to reality authors, entrepreneurs and speakers. Coming up with branding, marketing, positioning strategies that increase his client’s businesses and exposure, along with working on his client’s networking, relationship building, and public speaking skills, is what Fong does best. You can also find Fong on his podcast The PEAK Potential Success Show and weekly video series Make More Mind Bites on his YouTube channel.    

Along with his Partner, Jessica Ng and Fong Chua are authors of the Make More Work Less book series, assisting many in building a great team of professionals, acquiring cashflowing properties, exploring strategies in creating multiple streams of income and positioning for their financial future, and enhancing your communication skills.

Over a short period of time, Fong Chua played an integral part in acquiring and managing of multiple properties/doors throughout Alberta. Coaching clients to their first home, first investment property, and/or assisting seasoned investors with their investments.

Being engaged in various leadership and speaking organizations, Fong Chua has won multiple speaking awards, mentored speakers, emceed/spoke/performed on various stages, and hosted multiple events. Fong Chua, has spoken to thousands in Canada and the United States, been a panelist with Shark Tank’s Kevin Harrington, and interviewed the likes of George Ross (Former Partner of Trump), Jillian Michaels (fitness expert), Bruny Surin and Mark McKoy (Canadian Olympic Gold Medalists), Frank O’Dea (Founder of Second Cup) and many others. In a very short period of time, Fong Chua has coached speakers to award winning performances and inspiring presentations.

Get ready…because today is the day to unlock your potential!

Arnold Schwarzenegger
Former Governor and Star of Terminator
Sylvester Stallone
Star of Rocky, Rambo and Expendables
World’s #1 Wealth and Business Coach JT Foxx
George Ross
Star of Apprentice and Trusted Business Advisor


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