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About the show

Many of us do not realize what each and everyone of us are capable of, whether it is in becoming business owners, speaking on stage, authoring a book, investing in real estate or just simply doing something new and breaking through our comfort zones. 

Sometimes all we really need is that extra little push in the right direction to become our inner champions. Throughout the course of this show we will dive into strategies that will help you overcome challenges, strategically position yourself to succeed, build stronger relationships, face adversity head on, tame your stress, unlock your entrepreneurial potential, and much more! 

We will be featuring guests from all over the world who are highly successful in their industries. Multi-millionaires, to Olympic Champions, to Real Estate moguls, to International Recording Artists, to Celebrities, and many more, share their insights, their paths, and what success means to them! Get READY TO UNLOCK YOUR PEAK POTENTIAL!


Fong Chua is an entrepreneur, business strategist, real estate investor, speaker, and best-selling author. He has successfully unlocked many of his client’s potentials. Demonstrating how they can achieve more than they have ever thought possible. He has been able to inspire and bring to reality authors, entrepreneurs and speakers. Coming up with branding, marketing, positioning strategies that increase his client’s businesses and exposure, along with working on his client’s networking, relationship building, and public speaking skills, is what Fong does best. You can also find Fong on his podcast The PEAK Potential Success Show and weekly video series Make More Mind Bites on his YouTube channel.    

Along with his Partner, Jessica Ng and Fong Chua are authors of the Make More Work Less book series, assisting many in building a great team of professionals, acquiring cashflowing properties, exploring strategies in creating multiple streams of income and positioning for their financial future, and enhancing your communication skills.

Over a short period of time, Fong Chua played an integral part in acquiring and managing of multiple properties/doors throughout Alberta. Coaching clients to their first home, first investment property, and/or assisting seasoned investors with their investments.

Being engaged in various leadership and speaking organizations, Fong Chua has won multiple speaking awards, mentored speakers, emceed/spoke/performed on various stages, and hosted multiple events. Fong Chua, has spoken to thousands in Canada and the United States, been a panelist with Shark Tank’s Kevin Harrington, and interviewed the likes of George Ross (Former Partner of Trump), Jillian Michaels (fitness expert), Bruny Surin and Mark McKoy (Canadian Olympic Gold Medalists), Frank O’Dea (Founder of Second Cup) and many others. In a very short period of time, Fong Chua has coached speakers to award winning performances and inspiring presentations.

Get ready…because today is the day to unlock your potential!


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