Stage Speaking

Having spoken on various stages ranging from 100+ to 1000+ attendees, Fong Chua will be able to assist any individual from introverts to seasoned leaders with their abilities to speak in front of large audiences and succeed.

Becoming a Speaker

Being involved with various leadership institutions, Fong Chua has won speaking awards, mentored speakers, and emceed, spoke and performed on various stages, and hosted events. Fong Chua, has spoken in Canada and the States, been a panelist with Shark Tank’s Kevin Harrington, and interviewed George Ross (Former Partner of Trump), Bruny Surin (Olympic Gold Medallist), Frank O’Dea (Founder of Second Cup), JT Foxx (World’s #1 Wealth and Business Coach), Mark McKoy (Olympic Gold Medalist), and many others. Fong Chua has coached speakers to award winning performances and inspiring presentations.

With his help, Fong Chua can turn any introvert into an award winning public speaker.

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