The More you Teach, the More you Learn

Developing a strong mental flexibility and discipline is a very personal and delicate process that requires a personal touch, assessment and time. We have found that it is very important and we will share with you keys to developing a strong mindset, an eye to sort out opportunities, how to overcome challenges, and much more. We hope that this will give you a chance to see for yourself how important your state of mind is in any aspect of your life.

Developing a strong mindset will open your minds to explore the art of mind feeding and daily mental exercises. By applying the mental skills that you learn to your everyday life, it will lead you to deeper connections, success, and allow you to Make More and Work Less.

Add Power to Others

To Make More and Work Less we all need to be efficient and have a forever learning mentality. Another aspect that we need to remember is that giving back and helping others is just as important. If there is one that I have learned out of the many life lessons that Arnold Schwarzenegger is that one needs to ‘Stay Hungry”. You need to stay hungry to succeed, stay hungry to be impactful, stay hungry to useful, and more importantly stay hungry to help others. If you have a skill and have knowledge, stay hungry to pass that on and help others. Teach, mentor, or coach others, add value and impact as many people as you can and as often as you can. The beauty part of that is that. The more you teach, the more you learn. You will be essentially doing a few things at the same time, you are being efficient with your time, impacting, teach and learning all at the same time. The better coach you become, the more you learn, and the more you learn the more people you can help and the cycle repeats itself.

Be a Coach

As we grew with the skills from being coached, we quickly realized that there was another level of learning the skills of effective communication, entrepreneurship, real estate and much more, and that was to become a coach ourselves. When you coach others, you will find your own style and methods of effectiveness. You will carve your own way of asking questions and understanding. You will find your stories to tell and the structure of presenting information. Ultimately, as you coach and the results come, you will find your passion grows. And as your passion grows you will become an even more effective coach. The Circle of Coaching. For the roles of a coach refer to the coaching session of this series.

As we coach, we get reaffirmed that our methods get results. We are also able to adjust and modify the methods to be even more effective to get more results. There have been many occasions where our clients ask challenging questions in which we had to do research, consult with our own coaches, and learn ourselves, before we can guild our clients confidently. Therefore, if there was one thing, we would encourage you to do, to enhance your expertise, would be to coach others. The rewards are endless. 

Rewards of Coaching

Additional benefits of passing on your skills and knowledge are twofold: The lives you changed and the credibility it builds for you.

Lives you Change

One of the greatest moments of being a coach is when your clients come back to you and thank you for what you have do for them. How you changed their life and how you gave them new life and confidence. You can be successful and accomplished but if you do not pass that on it is all wasted. Our coach JT Foxx has a saying:

I do not want to be known for how much money I have made. I want to be known for how many lives I have helped”.

When you change lives, you leave a legacy.

Having coached many individuals, I have seen how proud they become and how happy they are when they achieve goals, they have never thought possible. Sometimes achieving goals, they never even thought of. Seeing my clients hold their Best-selling author book with pride, seeing them stand a little taller after crushing a presentation, or seeing them speak out confidently after they conquered the fear of buying real estate, have all given me even more motivation to help even more people and not stop adding value. Seeing comments about how a video of mine help them solve a problem or receiving an email about how just having coffee with me has helped their business strategy are all factors as to why I persist at what I do and reassures that what I’m doing is of value. 

Credibility that you Build

With each life you change you will gain more motivation and inspiration to do more. The more lives you change the more people want to seek your services. The lives you change become your advocates, your testimonials, and your proven results. It provides a peace of mind to those who are looking for help or thinking of seeking your services. The more results you produce the more you will get noticed and the more exposure you will receive.

Collect Feedback

When you are adding value to others by coaching or teaching, or in any service of product that you are provide, it is always beneficial for you to ask for their comments and feedback. Asking what is it like before they met you, what did you help them with? What were the results they got? What did they think of the service/product and why others should seek you out? These would be great testimonials for you for future lead generation and sales. However, it is very important for you to ask for honest feedback as well. Finding out what they thought could have been better or whether they think there is room for improvement. That is where you will the most information as to where you can modify to make your coaching/product even more effective.

When you add tremendous value and people’s change asking for a testimonial or feedback is usually very well received. Your counterpart will feel that if that is all your want after getting so much from you that they are happy to do so. To make things easier for them, I recommend that you have them to a quick 1 to 2 minutes video commenting on their experience or send them an email with questions for them to answer. You will be amazed at the results you get and what it does for you for growth and motivation.

Results of Coaching and Teaching

When you dig deeper as to what the main result is from coaching or teaching others you will find that you are empowering them. You are providing them with the information, the skills, and the confidence to make their lives more incredible and for them to make an impact on others. People generally like to know that they are useful. One of the biggest reasons why people leave their jobs is that they do not feel they are being recognized for what they are doing or are capable of doing. Most likely than not, all that is really needed is for someone to give them a change to tap in to their potential, their skills, and show what they can do. People are capable of so much more than they realize. When asked whether they can do more and be more impactful in life almost 100% of people would say ‘yes’. The key is to empower them to feel that way. Give them the support and confidence to succeed. The more you do that the more power they will feel and the more impact they will have on their own and other’s lives.

Remember those who Helped you Grow

Coaching and empowering others is also a way of 1) giving back to people who are at a place where at one time you were at and 2) acknowledging those who passed the skills on to you and those who were there to get you to where you are today. When the teachings and coaching that you have received have benefited your life, it is a form of showing thanks to those who passed that information to you, by passing it on to others. Paying thanks should not stop there though. Be grateful and thankful to all those were on your journey. From the coaches who helped you, to the clients that gave you the opportunity to coach them, to the relationships that interviewed you, to even the people who liked or subscribed to your YouTube Channel.

Have gratitude every day and every moment of your life and be sure to pass that mindset to as many people as you can. To Make More Work Less one cannot forget those who have helped them every step of the way, they most definitely cannot forget where they came from and not let their ego overcome them. Gratitude is the key to keeping that in check.

As a thank you to all our readers, we would like to offer you a free download copy of our book: Make More Work Less: The Guide to Unlocking Your Potential to Live and Work on Your Own Terms. Whether it is to invest yourself or have someone do it for you, there are many strategies that can be used to set you up to Make More and Work Less.

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