Advancing with Mind Feed for Successful People

Developing a strong mental flexibility and discipline is a very personal and delicate process that requires a personal touch, assessment and time. We have found that it is very important and we will share with you keys to developing a strong mindset, an eye to sort out opportunities, how to overcome challenges, and much more. We hope that this will give you a chance to see for yourself how important your state of mind is in any aspect of your life.

Developing a strong mindset will open your minds to explore the art of mind feeding and daily mental exercises. By applying the mental skills that you learn to your everyday life, it will lead you to deeper connections, success, and allow you to Make More and Work Less.

Advancing with Mind Feed

We all understand the importance of working out daily. We may not do it every day, but we know that we should. We know that we should eat healthy and feed our bodies with the nutrients that we need to be strong. We know that we should do daily exercise to keep our bodies in top performing shape. What we do not realize often is that our minds, our brains, need the same type of attention for it to function at its peak performance in order for us to Make More and Work Less. We should be working out our brains every day. We should be feeding it with good information every day. We should be strengthening our brains every day.

Do you remember back in school when you were first taught the multiplication table? Do you remember the math minutes exercises we did in class to see how many questions you can complete in one minute? Every day you see that you can do more and more and finally one day you complete the whole sheet, all correct, and with time remaining. That is exercising your brain. Do you still do that now? How would you do on that same math minute exercise now? Notice how when you do not constantly exercise your brain that you start to lose the reaction and skills to complete tasks that you used to do with ease? So how are you keeping your mind sharp and ready to take on unexpected challenges?

The more you feed your mind, the more advance you become. Everything from your perspectives, your knowledge, your skills, your opportunities, and your aspirations can advance if you feed your mind properly.

You are what you Feed your Mind

To Make More and Work Less, one needs to have a positive and motivated mindset. A mindset that is trained to recognize opportunity, a mindset that sees the big vision, and a mindset that not only keeps you inspired and motivated but one that has the same effect on those around you. When it comes to mindset, mind feed means feeding your brain with positive and stimulating things. Instead of watching TV and listening to the radio, consider reading or listening to a business book. There are many books and audio books out there that can uplift our spirit and remind us of what we want to accomplish. There are also many books, audio books, and podcasts out there that can enhance or teach us new skills. What do you let in your mind?

Ever hear people say: “Boy! Am I having a bad day…” or “Gee, nothing seems to be going my way today.” Those things are happening all the time but never seemed to bother them before that day. The moment a person deems something is negative, awful, or bad luck; their brains now are attracting everything else that can be interpreted as bad luck. They have concluded at the beginning of the day that they are having a bad day. Hence, mentally, they are looking for all the negative things happening around them to fulfill the notion of a bad day. It is this aspect that makes mind feeding important. If you feed your mind with inspiration, motivation, and information that will enrich your mind then you will live each and every day feeling inspired, motivated, and attracting the feelings and opportunities you are feeding your mind. At a minimum, we should all be feeding our minds every day for 30 minutes to an hour first thing in the morning. What better way to start the day than feeding your mind with riches?

Everything makes a difference. What does your alarm clock sound like? Is it loud and annoying? You cannot wait to turn it off, right? How do you feel when it goes off and you end it? Do you feel great or annoyed? Is that really how you want to start the day? Alarms in general signify something negative. Fire alarm, burglar alarm, emergency alarm — all signifying something bad is about to happen, so why not start seeing your alarm clock as an opportunity clock. Each time it sounds, it signifies that great things are in store for you! To add to that thought, why not change the annoying sound of the alarm or “opportunity” to be your favorite uplifting song? Personally, my opportunity clock plays “You’ve got the Touch” by Stan Bush every morning. I must say I wake up to the feeling of having the POWER to do anything!

Most people think garbage in means garbage out. Nido Qubein told us otherwise. He told us that when garbage gets in your mind, it doesn’t just stay. It gets pregnant and gives birth to triplets! So be careful what you let in your mind. Be selective about it and ensure that it supports the goals and visions that you have set for yourself.

Daily Routine

I have found it the easiest when you have mind feeding as part of your daily routine. Make mind feeding something you do as common and as second nature as brushing your teeth. Our brains function and absorbs the most information during the early parts of the morning. Therefore, what has worked for me is waking up early everyday between 530AM to 6AM and then quickly for a run or work out. During this 30 to 40min workout I would be listening to business strategies, podcasts, and audio books. That would ensure that every day you have at least 30-40mins of mind feeding and exercising. You can go as far as categorizing a specific topic per day. For instance, Monday is mind feeding on Marketing, Tuesday is Branding, Wednesday is Motivation, Thursday is Investment Strategies, Friday is Speaking Skills and so on.

We have heard so many stories of successful entrepreneurs and business CEOS say that they are avid daily readers, some like Bill Gates reads at least a book a week! One thing that I strongly suggest is to train your mind to read and absorb information fast. The faster you can absorb information the more information you can expose yourself to and the more mind feeding you can do.

One tip that has changed my life is audio books on steroids. What I do is buy the paperback version of the book AND the audio version of the book. Then I would bump up the speed of the audiobook to 2 times or 3 times the speed. I would listen and follow along with the book. I retain more information and finish 300page books in less than 3hours! If I needed a refresher, I can slow down a segment or go through the whole book again. It would still be less time than I would spend reading it myself. I then realized, why stop at audiobooks? Why not apply this to YouTube videos and podcasts? And therefore, I now go through podcasts and YouTube videos at 2 times to 3 times the speed. I always have the option of slowing down when needed. By slowly increasing the playing speed from 1.25 to 1.5 to 2 to 2.5 to 3 times the speed I have been training my brain to absorb and retain information faster. It also trains my brain to react faster in the day to day world. One thing you will find is that when having conversations with your friends that you talk a lot faster than before and they sound like they talk very slowly.  

Expand your Horizons

Now that you know the importance of mind feeding and strategies to obtain more information, image if you can mind feed on multiple facets of industries and genres. If you have knowledge in a wide range of topics wouldn’t you say that you would be able to add value in different ways and also connect with a wider range of individuals with different interests and backgrounds? Exposing yourself to different types of podcasts, not just what you are an expert in will give you more flexibility. One of my favorite sources of mind feeding are TedTalks and The Joe Rogan Experience Podcast. Both have such a vast number of topics and experts on their platforms that you are exposed to many different viewpoints and ideas. This is one of the reasons why the format of our Podcast the Peak Potential Success Show features very successful individuals in all walks of life, from insurance to entrepreneurs, to former athletes, and speakers.

Flex your Mind

We are currently in a world where there are so many opinions and perspectives about the simplest of topics. It is very easy to pick a side and defend that side. However, there are many individuals who do not even listen to the other side of the argument making their views very narrow minded. When asked about his views on global warming, Bill Gates famously said that he has only read one book on one side about the topic and therefore was not ready to give an opinion until after he finish reading the other 6 books that he has in que of different perspectives. How many times have you realized that the person you are having a discussion with, has not done their research about the topic of discussion, yet is so passionate about it and would not even listen to another side? It happens a lot more than we would like.

A great exercise one can do to train more flexibility with your mind is to start picking topics of all ranges, from for fun to series topics and defend both sides of the argument. Whether you agree with the argument or not, you will quickly realize that even if you do not support a certain that if require you too can support a side you do not agree with. With the combination of mind feeding and this exercise you will be a lot more prepared to discuss topics and have sound discussions with others and also be prepared for what counter discussions will come.

Vision Board

Another way of mind feeding is with vision boards. Vision board is a presentation with pictures and words on it to help you visualize your goals. It should be placed some place visible to you daily as a reminder for yourself. When times are hard, look at your vision board to give yourself the strength to continue.

Each vision board is unique to the person. Some categories may not apply to you while other categories might not apply to others. Feel free to explore the possibilities of your vision board and to make it something you believe in yourself.

The more you see it, the more your mind will be “looking” for opportunities that bring those items to you. Instead of thinking that the items are dreams or farfetched goals, your mind will slowly believe that you already are in possession of the items in your vision board. 

A great story about a powerful vision is that of an individual on the Internet. We highly recommend that you read through the full story. Simply search “How a Password Changed my Life” – by Mauricio Estrella. Mauricio basically used his computer password that requires monthly changing as a creative reminder of what he wanted in his life. Needing to access his computer multiple times a day, the vision of his password is triggered multiple times a day. Here are a few examples of the passwords that he used:






What an incredible idea. Maybe your next password will be:


Mindset is a very important part to our road to success and in itself can be a very large topic. Two great books on mindset that we highly recommend are Change your Mind Change your Results#1 Proven Success Strategies by Shawn Shewchuk and Mindset for Success: Developing and maintaining the mindset to succeed in life & business – by Reggie Batts. We had the privilege of working with Mr. Shewchuk and Mr. Batts, and can say without a doubt that their books and their teachings have changed our mindsets to seek opportunities, results, and success. Feel free to contact us for more information.

For those who are looking to boost their business mindset and be blown away by numerous business ideas and tips, the book Millionaire Underdog: How to Start, Grow, and Scale any Business – by JT Foxx is one of the most indepth business books you will find.

Advance your Mind and Body for Opportunities It is time for you to treat your mind like how you know how you should treat your body. It is time to stop feeding your mind with negative news and demotivating aspirations. It is time to feed your mind with inspiration and knowledge. The more your mind is packed with positivity and information that allows you to grow, the more likely you will be able recognize opportunities and how to connect sources together to add value to everyone involved ensuring that you will be on your way to Make More and Work Less.

Until next time, today is the day to unlock your potential. I’ll see You later.

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