Keep Persistence. Being Persistent will Create your Path

Developing a strong mental flexibility and discipline is a very personal and delicate process that requires a personal touch, assessment and time. We have found that it is very important and we will share with you keys to developing a strong mindset, an eye to sort out opportunities, how to overcome challenges, and much more. We hope that this will give you a chance to see for yourself how important your state of mind is in any aspect of your life.

Developing a strong mindset will open your minds to explore the art of mind feeding and daily mental exercises. By applying the mental skills that you learn to your everyday life, it will lead you to deeper connections, success, and allow you to Make More and Work Less.

Keep Persistence

When you have a vision, something that you want to achieve or become never ever give up on that vision. If that vision is there because of your ‘WHY’, then you have every reason to make sure you reach your vision. Why are you working on this goal? Why is this so important to you? Why keep working on it when it’s so hard? Why, why, why. This is what will keep pushing you on when things are getting you down and you face adversity and hardships. If your why doesn’t make you cry, keep working on finding it.

Your why becomes your mission and is the foundation of what you are building. If your foundation is weak, then what you are building will crumble in a matter of time. If your foundation is strong, no matter what wind or hardship is blowing on you, you hold the key to rebuilding because your foundation is still there.

That drive to push forward, that will to succeed and reach your vision is persistence. Your persistence to never give up and keep picking yourself up. No matter how hard something is, no matter how long it takes, as long as you are persistence at progressing, little by little, you will eventually reach your vision.

It Is In US!

We were all born with the characteristic of being persistent. It all has to do with how badly we want to achieve what it is we want. Again, how important our Why is, is directly related to how persistent we are willing to be.

When you were young, do you remember learning to walk? Even if you don’t, you know what the process is right? As a child, you started crawling. Then you would stand with some support, and as your legs grew stronger, you were able to stand without support. Finally, you would try to walk. Chances are high that the first few times you tried to walk, you stumbled and fell. Maybe you cried, maybe you didn’t. Either way, you would try again and again to walk. Your parents or guardians would encourage you to do it.

Sometimes, you might just want to give up, but with so many people cheering you on, you would try again and again. Finally, with enough practice and persistence, you unlocked the keys to walking. Now, walking is so second nature to you that you don’t even have to tell yourself, “put your left foot out, step down, transfer your weight over to the left foot and bring your right foot forward.” No, you can now walk without thinking.

The reason Why we need to walk is Why we were all persistent in learning how to walk. Our parents and guardians all knew how important the why is to learn how to walk that they too were persistent in teaching us. There is no way a parent would say: “Well we tried, this child of ours obviously cannot learn how to walk…it’s been 3 months now and they still cannot even stand!!…I give up!” That will NEVER happen and there they persist, we persist, because it is powered by a strong WHY.

If you look at everything that you have achieved, you realize very quickly that you persisted in reaching that outcome. Therefore, you know you had it in you, it is a just a matter of accessing it again and push forward.

It is only a Matter of Time

Being persistent also means being consistent and resilient. You need be make sure that you are progressing every day. Are you getting closer and closer to your vision every day? Are you making decisions that ensure that you are progressing every day? Making sure that every action you do gets you closer to your vision creates your plan. When that is in place then its only a matter of time before to reach your vision

Every year for the last 10 years of writing this book, we have been attending an event call Mega Success, where business entrepreneurs travel from all over the world to attend this event. High profile individuals like actor Arnold Schwarzenegger, former Disney CEO Michael Eisner, and Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak speak at this event to over 2500 people. Every year we are in the crowd watching, learning, networking, and every year we are pumped and motivated. But every year we also get a feeling of wanting more. We see other speakers and friends speak on stage and rocking it, we see others go from attending this event to speaking at this event to becoming the CEO of the company! We see so many other attendees soar with success and shine on stage emceeing or speaking. Seeing all their successes cemented that vision that I wanted that too, to one day speak on that stage! I kept that vision in my head for 10 years and never forgot it. With every real estate deal, I do I bank experience. With every book I write I create content. With every speaking engagement I do I take it as preparation. With every video I do I build confidence. With every client I coach, I build the results to fall back on. With every step back, I push a little harder, I persist. Every day I see videos of other’s successes, consistent mind feed, constantly cementing that image of speaking in my mind. Little by little as time goes by, I have built the confidence, the plan begins to formalize, to the very moment, after 10years, being surrounded by amazing people at the event and speaking at MEGA SUCCESS! When you persist you take action, the right action, and no matter how small or big that action is, as long as you are consistent your path will formalize. Then it is only a matter of time until you progress towards achieving your goals and vision.

Create a Habit and Commit to Consistency

One way to enforce persistency is to commit to something consistently and making it a habit. For instance, to continue on with my story about creating videos and taking on challenges, I knew that in time I would eventually need to have more content and more videos than one a week, ideally one a day minimum. Knowing that deciding to do one video a day right off the start would be too overwhelming I decided to introduced a new video series every few weeks which will be on a specific day of the week. This will eventually lead to having a video a day. Mondays is my mindset series, Tuesday is my psychological series, followed by my PEAK POTENTIAL SUCCESS SHOW on Wednesdays, a real estate show on Thursdays, a learning from the Masters show on Fridays, and then finishing off with a book writing and speaking show. By adding a new item to my daily routine and announcing it to an audience to hold me accountable, each item becomes a consistent habit which forces my persistency to reach my overall vision.

A strategy that I suggest to my clients, those who want to create a stronger online social media presence is to start doing videos. It does not matter how long the videos are to begin with, as long as they do the video. However, before they start, I ask them to first decide: 1) how many times will they do a video per week and 2) which days of the week would it be. They can tell me 1 a month every first of the month, 1 every second Friday, 1 every Monday, or very single day. Once they decide on those two questions then I ask them to post a video and announce it on Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. If they realize that they have more to share then great…those are bonus videos, but their minimum required videos are what they have announced. 

If you take that mindset with everything that you want to accomplish, let’s say reading a book a week, maybe start with one a month, then 2, and then 4 a month. Block out your day to make sure you have 20-30 to read, to do a video, to cold call, to exercise, to do what ever it is that you want that will get you closer to your vision. Commit to it for 30 to 60 days. You will find that very soon it becomes a habit and that you will do it no matter what, and that when you don’t you will feel that something is missing.

When it comes to Make More Work Less, one must keep persisting towards that vision. Taking the necessary steps and making the decisions that progresses you closer to that vision. When you have a strong enough ‘why’ and a consistent strategy in place, your persistence will never falter.

Until next time, today is the day to unlock your potential. I’ll see You later.

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