What is your WHY? Producing Results Take Action

Developing a strong mental flexibility and discipline is a very personal and delicate process that requires a personal touch, assessment and time. We have found that it is very important and we will share with you keys to developing a strong mindset, an eye to sort out opportunities, how to overcome challenges, and much more. We hope that this will give you a chance to see for yourself how important your state of mind is in any aspect of your life.

Developing a strong mindset will open your minds to explore the art of mind feeding and daily mental exercises. By applying the mental skills that you learn to your everyday life, it will lead you to deeper connections, success, and allow you to Make More and Work Less.

Producing Results Take Action

You can say it, you can think it, and you can wish it, but whatever IT is, IT will never happen unless you take action.

A vision remains a vision, until it is put into action

Nike says it best when they say “JUST DO IT”. Fulfilling your vision means producing results, and to produce results you take action and “Just Do It”. Regardless of how big or how small the action is, as long as it is the right action and consistent, the results can grow exponentially.

Take for instance stacking dominos. A normal 2 inches tall domino can knock over an adjacent domino that is 3 inches tall, which is 1.5 times its size. Now that may not sound much to start off with but if we were to consistently increase the next domino by 1.5 times then by the 23rd tile the domino would be as tall at the Eiffel Tower, by the 31st tile it would be 3000 feet TALLER than mount Everest, and by the 57th tile, it would be almost the distance to the moon!

Similarly, if one was to invest in a program or product where the return on investment has a compounding effect, then even if you were to invest a very small amount say 1 penny, and it doubles every day, then by day 10 you would have over $10, by day 30 you would already have 10 million dollars! The key here is that even if an action may seem small to begin with, as long as it is the right action, then your results will grow exponentially.

The Right Action

Now you may ask, wouldn’t any action be the ‘right action’ as long as the purpose of that action is justified and you work hard at it? Well unfortunately that is not the case. Let’s say you wanted to fly, you know that birds can flap their wings to fly, however you can flap your arms for years and you would ever get off the ground.

Another example of taking the right action is more important working hard on any action is the story of the fly. The fly who wanted to escape the confines of a house can fly into the window harder and harder but still not get anywhere. The action is justified and the fly is working hard, but the results will not come. If the fly was to just wait for the window to open or the door to open, then the fly would easily escape with the ‘right’ action.

Just Do It, It’s Easy

To Make More and Work Less is easy, you Just Do IT. You follow the right coaches, learn the right strategies, build the right relationships, and take the right actions and you will be there in no time. You see it all online everywhere. How to achieve certain tasks, what to do, how to do it, and who to follow. So how come there are so many people who do not “Just Do IT”? A lot of that is mindset. As Henry Ford says:

Whether you think you can or whether you think you cannot, you are right.”

One must have the mindset of achieving their visions and completing the actions that they take. More often than not, we stop in our tracks before we even take the first small step. We “THINK” that we cannot do it, or that it won’t work, and therefore we do not even attempt any action. What I tell many of my clients is that “I rather have the opportunity to make a decision than to not have an opportunity at all.” Therefore, saying YES to opportunity opens up endless possibilities.

Anything that you have ever been proud of is a direct result of you saying “YES” and you “thinking” you can do it. As long as the opportunity fits in to your path of reaching your vision and your goals, you will be amazed at how much more grow you will have. When you say “no” nothing will happen, nothing will change, in fact when you say “no” you may actually be further behind, because your time is reduced and others around may be saying “yes” and growing. But when you say “Yes” you have choice.

The Right Kick

Your mind may be in the right space and you are excited to take on the task or challenge. Yet for some reason “Just Doing It” is still not as easy as one thinks sometimes. This is when you need to dig deep and search for what motivates you. There are three main types of motivation: Pride, Spite, and Fear.


Think about how it would feel when you achieve the goal that you have set for yourself. What did you feel when you won a past competition? How did you feel when you finished a marathon? How did you stand? How did you walk? What was it like when you aced your exams? What were you thinking? Who did you tell? Now, imagine all those feelings when you accomplish this next challenge


Have you ever had someone tell you that you couldn’t do something and all you wanted to do is proved them wrong? That feeling of going up to them later and showing them what you did to put them in their place. Or that feeling to finally beat someone at a game that they have won against you, numerous times, and you promised yourself that you wouldn’t rest until the day you beat them at their game.


The fear of loss or the fear of the consequence or pain are so BIG that you have no choice but to accomplish this task. It may be to provide for the family or the risk of your health that motivates you to make a certain decision. As the saying goes: “People will change when the pain of remaining the same greater than the pain on change.”

You may find that one type of motivation is more effective than the others. However, we have found that FEAR is the greatest motivator. People would finally quit smoking over the fear of potentially not being able to walk, people would change their behaviors over the fear over losing their jobs, and people would take action if it meant the fear of sacrificing capital. Everyone’s motivation is different, and it is up to you to find out what it is to get you going. If it is the fear of a consequence, what would it need to be for you to avoid it by taking action? If it is pride and award, what does it need to be for you to stop at nothing until you get your award.

During a challenging economic time, I challenged my clients with a project. They can either blame the economy to losing their jobs, watch tv and wait for things to change, or they can maximize this time and come out of it as bestselling authors. My challenge for them is to start from scratch and have a published bestselling book in their hands in 3 months. The award is the feeling of pride and the accomplishment of becoming a bestselling author. The consequence is that if they do not have their books completed within 4 months then they will pay a penalty of $3000. After the 4 months 80% of those who took on the challenge became best selling authors.

I have clients who promised to take vacation time to complete tasks until they finish the project…and they HATE taking vacation time for non-vacation things. I have others who promised to pay $200 a week every time they do not reach their weekly goals.

The key here is that if one wants to achieve results, one must find the right motivation to give them that extra kick to take the right action.

Action Cures Fear

Taking the right action can change your life and get you the results you have always dreamed of. As we have seen a lot of those results is blocked by a thing called fear. Guess what, action cures fear! If you were afraid of public speaking and you were forced to speak 5 times in front of different audiences à Fear Gone. If you were afraid of skydiving, skydive 5 times à Fear Gone. If you were afraid of cold calling potential leads, call 5 people à Fear Gone. So, action cures fear. You want to Make More and Work Less, take action. A personal story that I would love to share about how action cures fear is as follows:

“Who here has been on the rides at Universal Studios? Who here has been on the ride – The Mummy? Great! So, you know how that ride goes. Well, who here has had moments where their memory fails them? Well, my memory did a number on me. Throughout the entire trip, I was able to remember the rides that were good for my aunt and the ones that were not until I got to The Mummy Ride. During the line, all I remembered about the ride is that it was a nice slow ride that goes though the scenes of the film. Constantly, I reassured my aunt that it was OK and that there was nothing to fear. And then, IT happened. The lights turned off, and instantly, I remembered this part of the ride. At full speed, we went backwards, forwards, quick turns here and diving turns there, a full-fledged roller coaster. I looked over to my aunt and there she was grasping at her chest, eyes shut tight and screaming at the top of her lungs! After the ride, I felt horrible. I quickly went to her to see if she was all right. She glared at me and gave me the disappointed index finger waving point. After that ride, I was extra alert as to which rides were OK or not. I did not want to go through that again! We came across the ride Expedition Everest, a roller coaster at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Great attraction. Instantly, I told my aunt NOT to go on the ride. To my surprise, she said “Why not? I’ll go because everyone else is.” Not only did she go on that ride, but she also went on all the other rides on the trip AND enjoyed them. It has become an accomplishment that she is proud to tell her brothers and sisters, who do not go on roller coasters, how she enjoyed it. If that does not prove that ACTION CURES FEAR, I do not know what would.”

Until next time, today is the day to unlock your potential. I’ll see You later.

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